Denial Never Solved Anything

‘Gender discrimination is a thing of the past’, you say.

If you truly believed that, you would let your tears wash your sadness away.

It’s not always as obvious as pay parity,

Sometimes it is difficult to understand these instances with clarity.


You say you’re going to a party late at night.

Every time I venture out after sunset I have to cower in fright.

If I raise my voice to ask for a little respect,

I’m branded a ‘feminazi’ and ridiculed so much that the better prospect seemed to be neglect.


You say that men are harassed and abused by women too.

I never denied that but one evil never cancelled out another, ain’t that still true?

We can work together to help each other,

So why are you so stuck on insisting that everything is fair, brother?


You say that the world has never been a fair place;

Only a handful get to make the rules and the rest are left behind in this race.

But isn’t it better to die trying than to have never tried at all?

After all every massive change starts with something small.



Happiness starts with you.

They say that successful people are never very happy. A sea of people saying that all they wanted in life was to be happy and that they didn’t care about success or fame made me ponder over this. Is it really true that you can’t be happy when you are successful?

Last month, I came across a very cheerful, young woman on the bus and on a crowded bus full of gloomy passengers, she stood out. Walking towards where she was standing , I asked her “Ma’am, how are you so cheerful about being on a crowded bus being pushed around by everyone and stepped on?” On hearing me, she looked at me, smiled and said “I just got a venture capitalist to invest in my start up and I am feeling extremely happy about this development. It is a big step for my company.” We talked for some more time about her job and her happiness was infectious. I stepped off at my stop with a huge smile on my face and a feeling of satisfaction. I realized that I also got the answer to my question. Yes, it is possible to be happy when you are successful and this gave me all the more motivation to work for everything I want. However, do not confuse being happy for settling. Push yourself to be the best and never be satisfied but you can still be happy with where you are.

Do not let anything get in the way of your happiness. If you really want to, you can be happy and it is completely up to you. So remember that you can be happy whenever you choose to be, and work hard.