Recipe for the college-goers

I am not a follow-the-cook-book-precisely kind of cook so all the quantities prescribed here will be approximate. Adjust to your liking to get your perfect mix.

  • A pinch of enthusiasm
  • A handful of good friends
  • Lots of patience
  • 5 cups of self-restraint
  • One spoon of determination
  • An unending supply of humour (Self-deprecating is not the only kind)
  • One or two crushes (Optional. Add according to your taste)
  • One teaspoon of gossip (Optional. Add only if you like your life as spicy as your food)


  1. First, use the enthusiasm to make some friends.
  2. Until the enthusiasm trickles down to just a pinch, keep making friends, attend all the orientations and take part in the extra-curricular activities. Make sure you don’t completely run out of enthusiasm because you will need it later.
  3. When the newfound freedom starts overwhelming you and you realize that you are not getting your work done, use your first cup of self-restraint.
  4. When things seem a little bleak and the mixture seems to be all wrong, that’s when you’ll have to throw humour into the mix. Even the most serious situations can seem lighter when you do this.
  5. If you can’t see the humorous side of things, that’s where the handful of good friends who have hung around from the beginning come in. It’s only in difficult situations that you will know who your friends are. And if there is no one then you’ll be glad it’s just you and your sense of humour, buddy.
  6. Add in the patience because it’ll take a while and a spoon of determination along with the pinch of enthusiasm to get back your rhythm.
  7. Enjoy the good times when they finally arrive.
  8. Once you’ve got back your rhythm and the normalcy is boring, throw in the crushes, gossip and drama to make life exciting again as suited to your taste.
  9. When you get tired of the excitement and you face your next low, repeat steps 4 through 8.

9 Replies to “Recipe for the college-goers”

  1. College(uni) is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet! ❤ maybe it’s a little bitter for some and little sweeter for others. But after all chocolate does taste amazing however it is! This is amazing Reee! ❤

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