College diaries- First day

“So this is it”, I thought after seeing my parents off, “My home for the next four years”. 2000 kilometres away from home and already feeling a little lost, I stepped into my room for the first time and introduced myself to my roommates. Well, the University has this policy that in the first year, they assign roommates in a way such that there is both regional and academic diversity within the room. So when I met my roommates I was feeling even more lost because not even a single one was close to home- they all live in North India while I am from Bangalore and was desperately hoping for some familiarity on the first day. They all started talking in Hindi and at that time while I did understand Hindi, they were shooting off sentences rapidly so I wasn’t able to follow them. Realising I was a bit uncomfortable they switched to English and I immediately felt glad that they were including me in their conversation as well. Thinking back now, they were extremely welcoming and we all bonded over our mutual home-sickness and I’m really going to miss this bond we forged next semester when we have to move to a room for 2. Anyway coming back to my first day, after finishing the registration process and having lunch, we just stuck together like glue and went together everywhere. It might have looked strange then but at that point of time, we didn’t care and we were just trying to get through the fact that we wouldn’t be going home anytime soon. We still do that actually- we try to have our meals and go on walks together whenever time permits. Since we were tired after all the travelling and unpacking on the first day we didn’t explore much. We just went to the dining hall, had dinner and then slept early. That first night was the worst one for me though. I was so homesick, I couldn’t sleep and I was just tossing and turning around. And when I finally did sleep, I got a dream that I was at home enjoying with my family and I felt even worse when I got up the next day. It was not how I expected my first day to go- in the movies the character is always so excited that they’re going away to college. The excitement was there of course but it was overshadowed by the strangeness of a new place (it took almost 2 weeks to find our way around) and the homesickness. So that pretty much sums up my first day in college- a pinch of excitement, 2 tablespoons of unfamiliarity and 3 cups of homesickness.